A boom in THC Online Sales and Through Mail Alarms Cannabis Industry, Crackdown Likely Soon

An increase in the demand for Delta-9 THC products is observed across the globe via using online platforms and through mails. It is helping the end-user to score their delta-9 products on the lines with little taxes and safety requirements. 

As congress starts to talk about the nearing 2023 Farm Bill and state legislature holds annual sessions to update laws, many expect a raft of new rules in upcoming months about how hemp extracts can be used. 

The concern arises for hemp manufacturers as they respond to a proposed limit on Delta-8 THC products by concentrating the Delta-9 THC, naturally present in the hemp plant to produce intoxicating edibles, vapes, and tinctures.

Many cannabis stakeholders are in a grim to state the use of online channels to place delta-9 products. It is merely a matter of time before state authorities would rapidly try to crackdown on the emerging market and regularize the use of online platforms to buy hemp products. 

What jolts the suppliers is the ongoing use of online platforms to evade the different tax restrictions and state legalization policies. Soon the government will make its effort to restrict using online platforms to purchase hemp products in general which would directly impact the entire market. 

A better option for the state regulators can be to limit the use of THC products and affix different certified levels of consumption in the states, moreover more uniform state regulation policies can also help in limiting the use of different online platforms to score high THC strain products. It would be important for different cannabis market stakeholders to come forward, and help in restoring the cannabis market for better medical and recreational purposes. 


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