Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta Hemp Works is a hemp-based health and wellness endeavor that aims to mainstream the benefits of ancient plant-based remedies. The company is actively working to ensure that more and more people adopt an all-natural approach towards health and well-being.

Ananta Hemp Works currently showcases 18 products across the categories of nutrition, wellness, and personal care. Their product range includes hemp hearts, hemp seed powder, and cold-pressed hemp Sativa oil. Some other products available are hemp face serum, soap bar, body butter, shampoo bars, and face washes.

The company is aiming to work with government-recognized medical research institutes for the R&D of medicinal uses of hemp. Ananta Hemp Works is actively working towards making the adoption of medicinal cannabis easier. Their upcoming range of products includes various Ayurvedic formulations with Vijaya leaf extract. These will help manage problems such as stress, anxiety, skin disorders, pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

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