All you need to know about the Cannabis token

All you need to know about the "Cannabis" token

know about the “Cannabis” Token


The industry token for the legal cannabis sector, $CANNA, will now be listed on the decentralized exchange KingSwap on October 5, 2021. Notably, $CANNA has a  total token supply of 420,000,000,000, of which 210,000,000 tokens are currently in circulation.

Notably, KingSwap is a Singapore-based DeFi project that offers a  high-yield liquidity platform, with possible fiat conversions,  extensive staking rewards, and digital collectibles. 

The listing of the native coin of the CanCoin project, after its initial official release on August 22, is expected to take place on other exchanges like PancakeSwap post-October 19, 2021. The $CANNA token runs natively on the Binance Smart Chain and is currently valued at $0.17 each.

“We are excited for this next step, where we list the $CANNA token on KingSwap DEX,” said Daniel Daboczy, The CanCon director. “Listing on KingSwap ensures that users will be able to benefit from low transaction fees and fast confirmation times for quick trade execution. The response from the industry has been very positive and the onboarding of companies that will use the $CANNA token as their future currency in their businesses has already started with great results.

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