How to use CBD for sleep issue?

CBD for Sleep

How to Use For CBD for Sleep Issue?


A peaceful night’s sleep is very important for overall health and wellbeing. Experts also recommend sleeping for seven to nine hours each night. Unfortunately for many sleepers, it’s not easy to fall asleep or stay asleep for long hours. Many solutions and possible approaches are available for better sleep, including improved sleep hygiene, prescription sleep aids, or CBD Oil. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the increasingly popular strategies for sleeping better. CBD, a derivative of cannabis, is cultivated and used for its medicinal and industrial benefits since ancient times. 

CBD is found abundantly and is non-psychoactive. Hence it does not cause intoxicating effects. 

Many things can cause your bad sleep; according to Mayo Clinic, sleep issues can be caused by:

  • mental health disturbances such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and sadness

  • medication, which affects the sleep cycle 

  • physical conditions such as chronic pain also don’t let your sleep peacefully

  • caffeine, when consumed late in the day

  • Other environmental factors such as loud noise or an uncomfortable bed

If external factors cause your sleep issue, then CBD may help to treat the causes of sleeplessness. 

Does CBD Work for Insomnia?

Sometimes, insomnia is a short-term problem caused due to high stress. Or it can be chronic issues. Hence, people use CBD for sleep and treat a variety of other conditions. Research of CBD on sleep is relatively new. A systematic review from 2012 examined studies that found a potential link between high doses and therapeutic effects for insomnia, epilepsy and social anxiety disorder.  

Another study in 2019 on CBD effects on anxiety and sleep found people taking 300 to 600 mg of CBD oil had lower cortisol levels. 

CBD might also help control cortisol levels, a stress hormone usually at its peak in the morning. However, people with sleep issues may have elevated cortisol levels at night, increasing wakefulness and impacting sleep quality. 

Is CBD Safe and Effective Sleep Help for Insomnia?

Researches suggest that CBD is generally safe, and high doses are tolerated in most people. People who suffer from insomnia experience difficulty asleep at night. Sleep disorder affects their daytime wakefulness, ability to concentrate and mood. 

Given the potential positive outcome of CBD treating anxiety, it is considered that CBD may also help to reduce anxiety associated with insomnia. 

How fast does CBD work for Insomnia?

CBD enhances sleep because it handles the root causes of sleep issues. A lot of research on CBD, anxiety and sleep has noted that many patients don’t observe the immediate difference. It might take a month for the subject to notice a difference. You should be patient with the process and wait for a while to get desired results. 

Following CBD Products are currently available in the market in a variety of forms. Some forms of CBD are more bioavailable than others which means that the body absorbs them more readily.


A lot of CBD edibles options that come in different shapes and sizes are available in the form of gummies, capsules, truffles and even mints. Research conducted shows consuming CBD in edible form has the first-pass effect. CBD is realtively broken down by the digestive tract and liver and then enters the bloodstream. CBD edibles can take up to 3 hours to show an effect, and the body absorbs only 20-30% of it.

Therefore, having CBD low bioavailability in edible form, we may need a comparatively large dosage to get desired effects as CBD Oil. 

Get the vegan, organic, and immunity booster bottled poetry Vitamin C and Zinc elderberry flavoured CBD gummies from Canna Essentials. 

CBD Oil, Tincture and Other Sublingual Products 

Many people prefer CBD sublingual because of cost-effectiveness, long-lasting and fast effects. CBD Oil is formed by infusing cannabis in a carrier oil. The tincture is soaked in alcohol and water. These are designed to diffuse into the blood via tissues and glands under the tongue. Following and more products are available at Canna Essentials to experience better sleep. 

Further Researches

Unlike prescription of sleeping pills, which might become addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms, and other serious side effects, therefore, it is advised CBD is a natural and fairly safe option. Few researchers also believe that CBD helps in lessening alcohol and nicotine addiction leading to difficulty in sleeping. 

Final Words

Many studies and researches encourage the use of CBD for sleep issues as alternative medicine. However, there is still a need for deep research and high-quality clinical investigations to fully assess its effectiveness. Remember CBD works differently for everyone, and it is advised to try a couple of delivery before settling on one. 

Canna Essentials strongly recommends consulting a physician before taking CBD if you are currently on any prescription medicine.

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