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Despite looking a little wobbly due to Brexit and new novel food regulations, the CBD industry is alive and kicking. The Cannabis Trades Association revealed that Europe’s CBD market is currently worth around £480m, and the UK commands the biggest share at around £110m.

That’s perhaps unsurprising when you learn that CBD oil fans are now in their millions and are enjoying the vast array of potential benefits this cannabis-based supplement has to give.

CBD is cannabidiol – one of more than 140 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The CBD oil you can buy in the UK won’t get you high, but studies have shown it can reduce pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, fatigue and gut issues as well as promote better sleep, feelings of joy, raised libido, improved focus, sports recovery and much more. But more on that later…

It’s also important to realize, however, that not all CBD oils are made equal. Some are much higher quality than others, and some are better suited to different needs – all depending on which cannabinoids and terpenes are present in the oil and at what levels.

It’s also vital to only ever buy third-party-tested products that have ideally been made using CO2 extraction methods. This is a chemical-free process that allows for a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted without the use of potentially harmful solvents

How we tested


There are hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the very best examples available in the UK. All products featured were tested individually by at least two people for a minimum of one month. Participants followed dosage instructions as indicated on the product labels.

This reviewer is a CBD and medical cannabis writer, founder of The CBD Consultancy and a CBD columnist for Top Sante magazine. She has tested well over 100 CBD products over the past two years.

  • CBD: 1,000mg

If stress or anxiety is what ails you, or if you suffer from any pain or inflammation, Potyque is the CBD oil for you. All of our testers noticed a wash of calm and balance come over them mere moments after taking a few drops of their 10 percent tincture, and the effect was long-lasting too. After a short stint of regular use, testers with arthritis and chronic pain were singing its praises.

Despite being a fast ascension into a chilled state of mind, it’s a very gentle shift. And, although very apparent, the repositioning of mental and physical state feels very natural without any woozy or sleepy side effects, making it great for daytime use. The flavour is earthy but mild and very palatable with no harshness in the throat, which quite a lot of people do experience with some CBD oils.

This is a wonderful oil for those both new and experienced with CBD – and the choice of strengths means you can up the potency with each purchase if you wish. It is available in formulations of 5 to 30 per cent, from £50 to £200.

Having tested well over 100 CBD products, it’s always a thrill for us to find one that is exceptional. Ardoa is producing CBD oil like none we have ever tried – all of its products are extraordinarily potent and have been carefully formulated using high-strength cannabinoids from plants grown all around the world. The result is a range created by people who really get the cannabis plant, and what it has to give. But be warned, these are heavy hitters with a strong, hemp flavour – especially the indigo 66 s-drops that have been specifically formulated for night-time use.

This range is perfect for those who are in need of something that will make a big difference and, although these drops may seem pricey, they come in a 100ml bottle, as opposed to the usual 10ml or 30ml. One tester of Ardoa’s cerulean 53 drops, who has PTSD, said it felt like a miracle, adding that it stopped the cascade (referring to the “defense cascade”, an overwhelming phenomenon that’s common across a broad range of disorders and clinical presentations, including PTSD) in its tracks. Another tester got a full night’s sleep for the first time in four years after their first dose of the s-drops, and someone else found their grief-induced bad dreams stopped.

If you choose this oil, go low and slow with dosage. We suggest you start with half the recommended dose (if not less) and build up gradually

This is one of those rare finds where something low cost is as good as (or better) than its more expensive competitors. These oral drops come in a range of strengths to suit different needs. They’re prepared in an MCT oil base (medium-chain triglycerides are fats that are easy to digest), which makes for a very delicate flavour with just a hint of sweet lime. We think this is a great oil for anyone wanting to add a little peace and happiness to their everyday life.

The recurring notes our testers made about this oil was a noticeable sense of joy – not just a little mood lift, but actual joy. And as an added bonus, a couple of them noticed a libido boost. We found it had a lighter, brighter feel to it – ideal for daytime use and the perfect pick-me-up. Plus, as drops are available in formulations of one-10 per cent, from £20 to £80, in our eyes it’s a clear winner for best value for money.

Natural pain relief is up there as one of the most common reasons for wanting to try CBD, and according to our testers – all of whom were experiencing various forms of pain and inflammation – this was a clear winner. But, interestingly, it wasn’t just physical pain this seemed to affect – it had an impact on emotional pain, too.

The results we saw were incredibly fast: one tester said they found relief from chronic back pain after just one day of use. But everyone metabolises CBD oil in their own way, so as with all these products, we recommend taking a couple of drops two or three times a day for at least a month before you make your mind up. Again, this has a clear hemp taste with no added flavourings, but our testers found it quite pleasant nonetheless.

Disclaimer: This article is originally published on  https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/best-cbd-oil-uk-benefits-b1827972.html

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