Colorado Hemp Clothing


Colorado Hemp Clothing


The company was founded by an entrepreneur named Cat Stone. Her first hemp dress made her fall in love with this unique fiber. She was impressed by its softness, durability and its ability to keep itself in shape after numerous washes.

Although she liked the dress but felt that one dress wasn’t enough for her daily lifestyle. She decided to get another dress but couldn’t find too many stores with hemp clothing. That’s when she decided to take matters in her hand and started creating hemp clothes on her own. Her first design was a hemp shirt.

She then slowly started designing and creating more versatile hemp outfits for women. She created outfits for all occasions – be it casual wear, gym wear or formal wear.

Soon she became extremely famous for her quirky and stylish outfits. Also, she started getting requests from men to create apparel for them. Thus, she came out with a men’s clothing product line as well. Her brand now has a spectacular collection of both men’s and women’s wear.

Colorado Hemp Clothing is completely based in the USA. The brand believes in using local hemp which is a massive business boost for the local hemp farmers. Their aim is to empower American farmers and multiply profits by serving quality hemp wear to their customers.

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