Deep Roots Harvest Claims $4 Million Investment in Improving, Updating its Nevada based Cultivation Facilities


 “In addition to these enhancements, we are updating all of our department standard operating procedures to take advantage of the new equipment and current industry best practices,” said Chris O’Ferrell, Senior Director of Cultivation at Deep Roots Harvest. “We already had one of the industry’s best cultivation facilities in the state, but with the completion of these vation team has been working tirelessly to implement these infrastructure improvements and we are thrilled to bring these enhancements to bear on our operations,” said Jon Marshall, COO of Deep Roots Harvest. “The cannabis industry’s impact on the environment and energy consumption becom Deep Roots Harvest, Nevada’s fastest-growing cannabis company, announced today it has nearly completed work on an upgrade and expansion of its cultivation facilities, including adding an outdoor grow in Wendover and modernizing the indoor cultivation operations in Mesquite. The $4 million investment will nearly double Deep Roots Harvest’s overall cannabis yields while optimizing energy efficiency and positioning the company for long-term cultivation expansion as demand requires.

investments, Deep Roots Harvest will take our efforts to the next level in terms of efficiency, sustainability and output.”

Infrastructure improvements to Deep Roots Harvest’s Mesquite cultivation headquarters include adding airflow improvements, installing lighting upgrades, deploying crop steering strategies, and implementing integrated pest management strategies. The new outdoor grow operation planned in Wendover will begin on a small scale but will provide expansion opportunities as needs arise, according to O’Ferrell.

“Our culti e more critical as the industry expands and grows. We have invested in these improvements in order to maintain Deep Roots Harvest’s commitment to the Nevada community.”

Creating a successful cultivation facility is a complex combination of facility and plant-focused systems design, environmental considerations, energy use, water use, security, and other factors. As the industry grows, a new breed of professional cannabis operators is emerging. To achieve product quality and consistency, cultivators are turning to modern agricultural tools and technology. Commercial producers must meet the high standards of savvy consumers and regulators. The $4 million cultivation investment reflects this new reality of the industry, according to Marshall. With six dispensaries open in Nevada, a 7th on the way, as well as cultivation, extraction lab, and manufacturing facilities in Mesquite, Deep Roots Harvest employs more than 250 people across the state, with additional jobs to be added as new dispensaries and facilities are opened.



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