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The incredibly versatile plant that has an incredible history in humankind is Hemp. The plant capacity to be used as a superfood is growing fast. It is also used to make essential resources such as rope, clothing and paper.

The Hemp used to be the catalyst for man’s earliest innovations. But with the advent of technology, Hemp can today be refined into biofuel, insulation, animal feed and biodegradable plastic.

Due to the high demand for hemp and hemp-based products, farmers are shifting towards hemp cultivation.

How is Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana Associated?

Before you go further with the article, let’s first clarify what Hemp is and how it is different from Cannabis and Marijuana.

Cannabis is a classification of plants with various species. Whereas Hemp and marijuana are both species of plant within the cannabis family. Without a doubt, Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis species with several distinct differences.


The visual appearance of the two plants is very much visible. The marijuana plant has features such as broad leaves, dense buds with bushy looks. Compared to hemp plant with slender leaves that are concentrated towards the top of the plant and grow taller and skinner marijuana with few branches under its upper portion.

Below is the difference between the two plants:

Climatic Conditions

The process to cultivate the two plants under favorable climatic conditions required is different.

During the 60-90 day growth, Marijuana plants are planted with enough space between each plant and proper cultivation. The Marijuana plant requires careful maintenance in, warm and humid climate.

Compared to Hemp plants that are grown closely together and in various climates with an extended cycle between 108 to 120 days.

Chemical Differences

Marijuana contains high amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)- the intoxicating compound found in THC, responsible for getting high. Hemp has less than 0.03% of THC.

The difference in THC content is also a primary factor in the legality of each plant. 

Dig Deeper into Hemp

Hemp seed is nutritious and contains nine essential fatty acids than any other source and is a complete protein. It has high vitamin-B and dietary fiber. It is a non-psychoactive plant.

Uses of Hemp

Many benefits of Hemp as well as why it is so valuable:

  • Fiber: It is used to make fabrics and textiles, rope and paper. The word canvas has also been derived from the word cannabis.
  • Food: The seed of Hemp is highly nutritious. The nutty taste flavor hemp hearts can be eaten raw, ground up, sprouted or made into dried sprout powder. The hemp seed oil is obtained from the hemp seeds, which are high in unsaturated fatty acids, including an optimal 1:3 ratio of omega 3 to omega-6. Hemp milk can be made from hemp seeds. Many vegans use hemp protein powder as it contains healthy nutrients. It is a complete source of chlorophyll which helps in detoxification and balancing acid-base in the body.

Future of Hemp

With the fast-growing popularity of CBD across the world and dozens of practical usage and bio-friendly alternatives made possible by Hemp, the industry is positioned to continue to skyrocket. The only hurdle left is to continue to build awareness and educate the general public.

Shortly, the humble plant plays an even more significant role for humanity than it has in our past.

So, let’s continue on Hemp and uses it for our benefit.

Disclaimer: This article is originally published on https://cannaessentials.in/

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