Green Field Paper Company Papermaking Industry

Green Paper Making

Green Field Paper Company Papermaking Industry

This company was founded in the year 1992 in San Diego, America. It has a very unique approach to paper and the paper-making industry. It believes in creating quality paper without using wooden fibers.

The company has always chosen alternative methods over the traditional paper making method. This makes Green Field Paper Company distinct, innovative and eco-friendly.

They have renovated the paper making business by dropping down the traditional method which causes deforestation. They use recycled paper products to create innovative designs while being sustainable.

They use post-consumer pulp with non-traditional additives such as hemp, seeds, coffee chaff, garlic skin, junk mail, and denim. All their products are completely made in the U.S. The papers aren’t bleached or dyed. The papers are colored using earth pigments and their seed papers are non-GMO and non-invasive in nature.

Apart from all the other great things, Green Field Paper Company has an entire line of unique, sustainable, and eco-friendly retail products which include greeting cards, fine arts paper, journals, and stationary. Also, to be 100% eco-friendly, the company uses wind energy to produce electricity for its office and manufacturing facilities.

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