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Hemp Horizon is a popular hemp apparel supplier in the US. It provides high quality finished hemp goods that are developed in North and South Carolina, They are well-known global suppliers of cantonized hemp products.

The products they release in the market go through strict quality and compliance checks. This ensures that the products it sells are of the highest quality. Hemp Horizon sells a wide range of quality natural fibers that fulfill the company’s aim to provide luxurious and sustainable fibers.

Hemp Horizon is very particular about its partners and has a long-term and credible relationship with them. It has numerous factories where hemp cutting and sewing operations are carried out at scale, apart from using creating organic cotton fabrics, organic linen to produce finished goods. Its overseas partners have certificates of sustainability such as OCS, GRS, GOTS, and Oeko-Tex.

Hemp Horizon is a proud international exporter of hemp and other sustainable fibers. Once the company understands your vision and aims, it creates handcrafted products for you.

Disclaimer: This article is published on https://hempfoundation.net/

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