Hemp Seed Oils | Health Horizons

Hemp seed Oils | Health Horizons

One of the earliest players in the Indian hemp industry, Health Horizons provides an organic range of optimal quality hemp-based nutrition and grooming products to consumers.

Their nutritional range hosts unrefined hemp Sativa oil, hemp seed powder, hemp hearts, and raw hemp seeds. One of their most exciting products is the chocolate-flavored hemp seed powder.

In the personal care range, they have hemp soaps with respective charcoal and shea butter formulations. Aloe vera and hemp body butter are also some popular personal care products by the brand. In the next few months, Health Horizons will be venturing into innovative, health-promoting formulations of cannabis extracts.

As a manufacturer, we aim to create the most excellent hemp-based products and help nascent hemp businesses thrive. Hemp Horizons is a Zero-Waste, Carbon-Negative pioneer in the domestic hemp industry that has grown considerably over the last few years. We supply to wholesalers and upcoming edible hemp brands. We have also helped hemp entrepreneurs focus on marketing and sales. At the same time, we provide end-to-end solutions for manufacturing and packaging.

Our vision is to create awareness about the benefits of hemp and nurture the industry, and today we are a contract manufacturer for 80% of Indian brands. We envision Hemp Horizons becoming the most significant hemp contract manufacturing company in India and an enterprise that helps new brands flourish. By paving the way for new brands to thrive, we expect to lower the cost of making hemp products more affordable to the masses.

Disclaimer: This article is originally published on https://itshemp.in

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