Discover the Benefits of Hemp Tea

Discover the Benefits of Hemp

A Brief History of the Hemp Plant

Hemp, as a versatile plant, is known to have a huge number of uses dating back thousands of years. Evidence of hemp cultivation has been found dating back over 12000 years in China. As hemp grows in virtually any climate and soil, it is at everyone’s convenience (note that one does have to hold a licence to grow industrial hemp in the UK). This fact, teamed with the versatility of the plant, and the variety of the end-uses are the reasons why hemp was so abundantly used throughout history.
Cannabis became a controversial subject in the early 20th century because it was believed that all types of cannabis carried psychoactive compounds thanks largely to smear campaigns in the USA from other large industries which would be threatened by the prevalence of hemp alternatives. However, it is a myth that all types of cannabis plants are potent in the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant that is known to carry minimal traces of THC (the UK legal limit is 0.2%), meaning that getting ‘high’ from hemp is out of the equation.

Hemp as we know it today is much more complex than what has been perceived for so long. Up until recently, the stigma surrounding cannabis has been a roadblock to the wider use of this plant for its many benefits. A change of attitude from society and newfound research has acknowledged this plant for its health benefits with many companies utilising its full potential as a food source by cultivating seeds for human consumption, extracting hempseed oil, creating hemp tea, snacks, and many other consumable foods.

Types of Hemp Tea

Right, now we’ve got that out of the way let’s dive right into the main subject of this article; hemp tea. There are a few different types of hemp tea available on the market at the moment. The main options being: hemp tea, CBD tea and tea with hemp seeds.
Hemp tea is made from the leaves and stem (and sometimes seeds) of the hemp plant, often mixed with other ingredients such as raspberry leaf, turkish balm or mixed fruits. This type of tea comes with a wider range of benefits for your body, not simply focused on the CBD aspect of hemp. Hemp tea does contain CBD, but in lower more natural concentrations.
CBD tea is made from the flowers/buds of the hemp plant and contains appreciably higher levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) or CBDA (Cannabidiol Acid) than a standard hemp leaf tea. CBD tea will often be made from 100% hemp flowers, rather than a mix of other parts of the plant and other ingredients.

Tea with hemp seeds is simply a regular tea but with the added benefit of hemp seeds in the mix. For example, we currently have two teas from Clipper which feature hemp seeds as one of their ingredients. One is ginger and lemongrass, the other chamomile and tulsi. These teas are great if you are looking for all of the benefits of hemp seeds, in a tasty and revitalising beverage.

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