High Cuisine: JuicyFields Unveils Cannabis Ordinated Gastronomy Cookbook

A new cookbook, from JuicyFields, combines high-end cuisine from across the globe, with the health benefits of cannabis.

The recipe book, High Cuisine brings haute cuisine style cooking to a whole new level by infusing exquisite dishes with cannabis, a superfood with highly valuable health benefits and umami flavours.

The creative chef behind the book, Andre Schneider, has dedicated a big part of his career to explore cooking with cannabis.

He has specialised in cooking with cannabis in any form and is co writer for the leading “Hanf Magazin” published in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

For the past two years, Andre has been developing the most delicious cannabis dishes especially for Juicy Fields. From traditional dishes like a Spanish “Roscón de Reyes” to delicious and authentic desserts, Andre knows just how to tempt his audience’s senses with the  most spectacular recipes – all of which are cannabis infused. No wonder he is often referred to as the ‘genius of cannabis high cuisine’.

With roots in East Westphalia, Germany, Andre has travelled the world and seen many different kinds of cuisines. On his journeys, he found that each region has its own unique style of cooking, using varieties of spices, herbs and other ingredients that express the local flavour. 

No surprise his book is divided into those regions of the world he travelled to himself, collecting inspiration for new gastronomic creations. There is also a whole chapter of authentic traditional recipes, with a twist of cannabis of course.

In cannabis Andre discovered a variety of nutritious ingredients that not only have a spectacular look and taste, they are highly beneficial for both your mind and your body. High Cuisine includes 100 stylishly illustrated recipes that will make you want to get (re)creative in your own kitchen.

The ‘high’  in the book title gives a wink to the mind altering effect cannabis is well known for. Depending on the recipe, Andre chooses the type of cannabis variety that will enhance the culinary experience in a soothing, relaxing way. 

So will all Andre’s recipes get you high?

Not by definition, as Andre works with different kinds of compounds and only a few of them trigger a psychoactive effect. However, you will get high with amazement from all the culinary possibilities  cannabis has to offer.

The cannabis chef will show and teach you, there are many more parts of the plant you can use. Demystifying its consumption, makes cannabis more accessible as an ingredient in every kitchen. In this sense, High Cuisine is so much more than yet another cooking book. You are invited to take on this incredible culinary adventure.

Andre commented: “This book was basically the result of my passions: cooking, travelling and cannabis. Cannabis is associated with culture everywhere in one way or another, and probably only disappeared from most diets with prohibition, yet this plant offers so much.

“It was important for me to show how much potential there is in cannabis and that it very well deserves its place in the middle and on society’s plates.”




Disclaimer: https://cannabishealthnews.co.uk/2022/03/09/high-cuisine-juicyfields-launches-cannabis-gastronomy-cookbook


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