How Hemp Plant Is Made Into Sustainable Clothing

Hemp Plant

Hemp is one of the most sustainable, planet-friendly plants around – it’s also extremely nutritious as well as versatile, virtually every part of the plant can be used. Why? Don’t take just take our word for it, read on.

Hemp is basically a weed, so it grows pretty much anywhere with little water and it doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides to grow on an industrial scale. Other comparable crops require a lot of irrigation and a huge amount of chemicals to thrive. It is extensively documented that the environmental impacts of pesticides are horrible. They cause illness, reduce biodiversity and contaminate water supplies, the air and soil. Hemp crops even give back by cleaning toxins from soil, returning nutrients to the earth and sequestering carbon dioxide. 

The Hemp plant offers many different uses that can promote a more sustainable world. Hemp seeds are a 100% natural, vegan and gluten free source of plant protein. Hemp Seed oil can be used to make non-toxic diesel fuel, paint varnish and other bio-chemicals. Hemp fiber can be used in clothing and construction materials. Hemp products can be recycled, reused and are 100% biodegradable. Some studies claim that hemp can help reduce global warming because it takes out large amounts of carbon dioxide per acre, more than most plants.

It has  proven to be an effective tool against deforestation as well as in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere – we now feel responsible for not just protecting it but actively promoting Hemp. 

Want to do your bit for your body, the planet and our future? Change couldn’t be easier – and it starts with you. It is our time to redesign our relationship with nature and re-evaluate our lifestyles, to be able to live more sustainably with the limited resources the planet has.

Our role as a business is to help inspire those changes.We at India Hemp and Co. are working towards building a more sustainable future, where all food and drink is sustainable. We’re driving that change, using hemp as our vehicle. 

We at India Hemp and Co. have begun our journey by presenting you an alternative choice, a nutrient dense superfood that is high in protein, rich in minerals and antioxidants and protects your heart, brain and skin health.

Hemp is grown right here, at the foothills of the Himalayas and best of all it is natural, contains no preservatives and is both vegan and gluten-free.

Let’s talk about Hemp as a crop and how it impacts our farmers.

1. Hemp grows to it’s full size in just 3 months and it can be used to grow between crop cycles which also ensures that the farmers have a steady income coming in all year round.

2. Hemp also needs very little water to grow – so again, it is the natural farming alternative in places where there is a water scarcity.

3. The production of Hemp is carbon negative, which means it absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere during its growth than is emitted by the equipment used to harvest, process and transport it.

4. Every time you buy a hemp product you increase the demand, with every small step, we grow collectively and can change policies and make sure we have greener, more sustainable options available to our generation and the next.


Through hemp we can work towards building a more sustainable future by crop rotation, regenerative and zero-waste farming and consumption.

When you buy one of our products, YOU ARE:

  • Empowering local communities reliant on agriculture
  • Taking a stand against the wasteful use of plastic
  • Supporting multiple sustainable development goals set by the United Nations
  • Making a healthy and ethical choice

At India Hemp and Co we use only recycled paper, board and tin to make sure we don’t generate any plastic waste. You can even up-cycle and recycle the entire packaging!
Disclaimer: this article is originally published by indiahempandco


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