Iucn Nl’s Dutch Action Program For Biodiversity Wires The Action Agenda For Nature And People In Averting Biodiversity Loss

IUCN NL’s Dutch Action Agenda for Biodiversity aligns with the Sharm El Sheikh to Kunming Action Agenda for Nature and People (Action Agenda) to contribute to the worldwide biodiversity targets. The Dutch Action Agenda for Biodiversity aims to support the Action Agenda by sharing and mobilizing commitments from non-state actors in the Netherlands on how they will contribute to halt biodiversity loss, to restore biodiversity and to achieve a nature positive world by 2030.

Over 150 pledges from the Netherlands

IUCN NL’s Dutch Action Agenda has shared with the Action Agenda over 150 pledges from governments, non-governmental organizations and businesses to contribute to biodiversity in various aspects in order to demonstrate the support and willingness by the Dutch society to conserve and restore biodiversity. The Dutch Action Agenda for Biodiversity constitutes an important building block for the Netherlands to reach their goals. In order to halt the loss of biodiversity in the Netherlands and worldwide, commitments, collaborations, engagements and implementations are required to achieve the targets.

          152 pledges from the Netherlands as of 28 September 2022

The Dutch Action Agenda is inspiring other organizations to contribute to biodiversity targets and to influence the Dutch government to raise the level of biodiversity ambitions and to achieve them. Over half of the pledges were submitted by companies, mostly from the agricultural and financial sectors.

The Dutch Action Agenda for Biodiversity

The Dutch Action Agenda for Biodiversity was developed by a collaboration involving the Dutch National Committee of the IUCN (IUCN NL), the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration and MVO Nederland, with financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). The contribution across the financial sector was made by De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) Sustainable Finance Platform Biodiversity, in association with the Dutch signatories to the Finance for Biodiversity pledge.

Disclaimer: https://www.cbd.int/article/iucn-dutch-action-agenda-28September2022

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