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The brand JUNGAVEN has been striving to make a difference in the industry with its extensive range of products.

This is a famous hemp brand that was born in Washington, America. It is known for its diverse range of products starting from clothing to accessories and so on. It was born out of sheer activism and went on to achieve social as well as commercial success.

Robert Jungaven, the founder of this brand was a student at Central Washington University. As a student, he was passionate about camping. As he camped to the Pacific Northwest woods the sight of the clear-cut regions broke his heart and motivated him to do something for his place and the earth. Thus, he came across industrial hemp and learned about the ways it could combat deforestation.

After extensive research, he learned how trees take more time to grow, and cutting them would do no good to the earth but would only create more and more problems. Cutting trees deprives us of oxygen and increases the carbon dioxide content in the air.

Hemp is easy to grow as it takes less time and is extremely eco-friendly. Also, it reduces air, water and, soil pollution. Thus, he knew that if there was anything that could help the environment right now, it was hemp.

The last step was to make hemp available to and every one. He started thinking of ways that could help him reach hemp to everyone and the easiest answer was a tee. This motivated him to start his clothing line.

He came up with his brand JUNGAVEN and started with his spectacular, comfortable, and sustainable clothing line of tees, tops, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, and much more. He also started off with an awareness program which is known as HEMP 2020

Disclaimer: This article is originally published on https://hempfoundation.net/

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