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With this new hemp products craze blowing up in the United States, some of us are still wondering what even is hemp, and what can hemp do? Hemp is, essentially, the entire cannabis plant— And in the current US marketplace, it can do just about everything! This particular strain of cannabis is an incredibly environmentally-friendly solution to many of our problems. From hemp food products to industrial hemp products to everything hemp in between, you can find products made from hemp for basically every area in your life.

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Hemp Clothing

What’s a better use for hemp than the clothes we wear? This sustainable fabric is comfortable, durable, and gets softer every wash! And now, there are more hemp clothing options than ever. From Hemp Jeans to Hemp Underwear, we’ve got you covered (literally).

Hemp Socks And what goes better with hemp shoes than hemp socks? These socks from Ital Collective are breathable and UV-resistant. And for those of us who think twice before taking our shoes off in a new friend’s home, don’t worry: Since they’re made with hemp, they are naturally odor-resistant!

Hemp Underwear What could possibly be a better use for t his soft, breathable fabric than hemp underwear? Not only are they durable, but they also have antimicrobial properties. And don’t worry, animal lovers: WAMA underwear is vegan!

Hemp Shorts Hemp shorts are a perfect addition to your summer collection! Patagonia’s shorts come in a variety of cuts and colors, but they’re all stylish and they’re all Fair Trade Certified.

Hemp Jackets

And why not dress up your outfit with a stylish hemp jacket? Hood lamb’s new line will keep you warm, and it’ll keep you cool.

Hemp Dresses Float into summer with style with Babble and Hemp’s new hemp dress line. Who said hemp-wear was frumpy?

Hemp Yoga Pants Another closet staple: hemp yoga pants. Impress all of your yogi friends with Soul Flower’s endlessly comfortable and ethically made threads!

Hemp Rompers Check out Toad & Co’s new gorgeous hemp romper. Do I need to repeat that hemp can be stylish? Hemp Jeans That’s right: Hempy’s has found a way to make hemp jeans. Will you ever need another pair?

Hemp Sandals Who is ready to stop sitting in the office and start lounging by the beach? Rainbow Sandals’ hemp sandals make it that much easier.

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