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Solapur farmer Seeks permission to Cultivate hemp

Kolhapur: Anil Abaji Patil, a farmer from the Shirapur village in Solapur district has received more than 500 calls, mostly from farmers from across the state who subscribe to his demand to allow cultivation of hemp (a variety of the Cannabis sativa that can produce marijuana) on his two-acre farm.
Patil’s farm remains deserted after he destroyed banana trees during the lockdown last year. He suffered losses to the tune of around Rs 4 lakh as there was not adequate demand for bananas during the lockdown. The farmer had to sell off the banana produce to cattle farmers at a very low cost.

I have written to the collector asking for.

Patil told TOI: “I have written to the collector asking for permission to cultivate ganja, as we have learned that it is the only crop now which fetches some money. I know it is illegal, but it should be legalized. Farmers are forced to destroy their produce in the farms as they are not getting a fair price. My neighbor sold his tomatoes just 50 paise per kg. He too had destroyed the crop and his field remains abandoned.”
The 52-year-old farmer lives with his mother, wife, two sons, and daughter in the tiny village. He has two more acres where he has grown sugar cane. “We nurture the crop for 14 to 16 months, but the mills delay the payment by six months. We have to survive by borrowing money from local moneylenders. I don’t have the money to even get the puncture of my son’s bicycle repaired,” said the enraged farmer.

He has sought written permission to cultivate hemp by September 15. If permission is not given, then Patil will still start the cultivation without bothering about the legal consequences. Since he wrote the letter, there has been no response from the administration. Patil said only farmers are calling him, but no farmers’ leader nor any political leader has called or approached him so far. “I don’t expect them to approach me. I have taken the step to demand permission to cultivate hemp with my conscience clear and not under any pressure. I am not associated with any organization or party,” he said.

Disclaimer: This article is originally published on https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolhapur/solapur-farmer-seeks-permission-to-cultivate-ganja-on-his-farm/articleshow/85649826.cms

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