Recreator Hemp Clothing


Recreator Hemp Clothing 

Based in Los Angeles, California Recreator is among the most talked-about hemp startups in the USA and has taken over the hemp fashion industry worldwide. The brand, rooted in 2013, had humble beginnings. However, things have changed now and it is currently one of the most popular clothing brands. The brand is known to produce spectacular custom merchandise.

All the apparel are made, designed, cut, sewn and printed in downtown L.A. The reason why Recreator chose hemp over any other fabric is that hemp fabrics are more breathable, comfortable, long-lasting, performs extremely well under different climates, and are perfect for everyday wear.

Recreator is one of the few companies that realized the pollution caused by the fashion industry and aimed to find an eco-friendly as well as a sustainable solution to it without compromising on the quality of the material. Hence, hemp is the ideal option for them.

Cheap and bulky cotton T-shirts are easily available in the market. This is why Recreator takes the other route which is to produce high-quality merch which is long-lasting and can be worn by anyone.

Also, they collaborate with popular musicians and artists to get wider exposure and recognition as a brand. They create amazing premium quality custom merchandise as well as hemp apparel for markets all over the world.

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