Top 10 Cannabis Success Stories


Top 10 cannabis success Stories


“I recently treated a 16-year-old autistic boy who went on medical cannabis. It has made him much calmer and at the same time his schoolwork is much better.”


“A male patient who has suffered from ulcerative colitis for a number of years came to see me a few years ago. He started on cannabis Success Stories about two years ago, experienced very good symptomatic improvement, and recently we added homeopathic treatment. Now that homeopathic treatment has helped, he uses almost no cannabis for relief of symptoms


“People have great improvements in the area of sleep with medical cannabis. Some with sleep apnea are able to get rid of the CPAP machine. Others are better able to tolerate it. And the dosage most often does not need to be increased; people don’t build up an immunity to it like some people do with sleeping pills/traditional pharmaceuticals. Because patients sleep better they have much more energy during the day and see their lives improving in a variety of ways.”


“I have seen Alzheimer’s patients use cannabis. It lowers their anxiety level and their level of emotional distress. By eliminating these issues, it gives comfort to these patients.”


“A man came in to see me who was having debilitating daily migraines. Since he has started using medical cannabis he is now down to only a couple migraines per month. And when he feels one starting he can vape the cannabis and get fast relief.


“Many people with seizure disorders are using medical cannabis. Some use it in combination with drugs prescribed by their physicians and many have been able to wean off the drugs and use only medical cannabis.”


“Medical cannabis is not prescribed for weight loss. However, is it a welcome side effect for many patients? The main reason is that patients are sleeping better at night, and experiencing less anxiety. Therefore, they are more energetic and active during the day and this extra activity results in weight loss. Also, improved sleep and better sense of well-being have direct appetite suppressing effect, causing weight loss in overweight people. We have had reports of losing anywhere from 20 pounds to 75 pounds in 1 year without making extra effort.”


Almost four years ago an obese middle-aged patient came in. He was a type 2 diabetic and required daily insulin. This patient had been taking anti-depressants for thirty years as well as high blood pressure pills. He finally decided to try medical cannabis. The results? He is now 70 pounds lighter, no longer suffers from type 2 diabetes and has been able to stop taking his blood pressure pills. His physical health as well as his mental health is better than it has been in 20 years; surprising both himself and his personal physician.


A woman in her 30’s with Tourette’s syndrome came in for her annual medical marijuana re-certification. Her condition was unmistakable at first glance. She had constant ticks and grunts, and was very tense trying to control her mind in order to remain civil.

This condition causes ticks, jerks and a strong desire to swear in the most foul way: not very acceptable in public. Well, she is now on cannabis and doing great. The tension is way down. She sat calmly during the appointment and said how medical cannabis changed her life. This woman has had life-changing results using cannabis for Tourette’s syndrome.


A male patient who qualified for cannabis due to pain got excellent results for his pain. But he had diabetes as well and a welcome side effect was that the medical marijuana was very beneficial to that disease. When he started the process he was taking 90 units of insulin a day and he was also on Metformin with an A1C of 13.5. When he came in a year later to get re-certified he was off of Metformin and down to only 16 units of insulin; which equated to an 80% reduction in insulin. His A1C was 6.5. As a third bonus he found that his PTSD had dramatically improved.

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