What Makes CBD Oil So expensive?


CBD is not only a popular but also a holistic choice for people struggling with pain, inflammation, and sleep problems. But it’s a wonder for many first-time users why CBD is so expensive. Some people may find it lucrative to purchase the cheapest CBD products, but they might not know that high-quality CBD oil products take time and money to produce, and it’s reasonable to purchase more expensive products for better effects.

So, you may wonder, why is CBD Oil expensive? Or why is CBD so expensive? This article aims to explain why good CBD Oil is so expensive. As a new product, the price of CBD might be subject to price fluctuation and inflation, but it shouldn’t always be so expensive.

But there are some logical causes behind the high price. You will get some good reasons and explanations for why high-quality CBD has a high price tag and why good CBD oil is so expensive.

Why Good Quality CBD Oil is so Expensive

Good quality CBD oil is not available here and there. Only certain brands or manufacturing companies produce the good quality CBD oil in special ways that cost comparatively high. For the following reasons, good-quality CBD oils are so expensive.

Premium Ingredients & Higher Potency

The higher price of CBD oil usually refer to the usage of premium ingredients. these includes higher quality hemp extracts, pure carrier oils & premium essential oils. Some brands often provide details about the source of ingredients and their certifications.

Another reason why CBD oil can be expensive is the potency. Oils that are priced higher generally comes with more milligrams of CBD per milliliters. The Stronger the CBD oil the higher the price gets. That’s why the strongest CBD oils come at a premium and often out of reach price tags.

Organic Certification

The good quality hemp extracts begin from the seeds. Nature does the best and for this reason, using non-genetically modified seedlings ensures that your products are free from artificial interference. Hemp can draw toxins from the soil, including heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury.

Historically you can know hemp has been used in agriculture to cleanse the soil in between the rotations of crops. That’s why hemp should be grown organically in the right soil conditions so that the end product is free from toxins too. Hemp, and many hemp products, can be certified as organic, but CBD food products cannot be certified organic.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The Supercritical CO2 Extraction method uses a cold manufacturing process enabling the CBD to maintain an almost exact chemical composition as of the plant in its natural state and to maintain all of its beneficial properties, which has proven to be most effective. This method uses carbon dioxide while extracting hemp extracts from the raw plant material without alcohol or solvents. Consequently, all you can receive is CBD in its purest form.

Supercritical CO2 extraction requires specialist equipment that compresses CO2 gas into hemp material. The Supercritical CO2 extraction process turns the CO2 gas into its supercritical form, between a gas and a liquid, and then attaches to the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp plant compounds, by separating these elements from the base plant material.

When the pressure decreases, the CO2 turns back into a gas, and then the gas is detached from the extracted material, and the only thing left is a clean and pure product.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified

GMP certification minimizes the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production and keeps it upto testing the final product. Currently, you will get only very few CBD companies holding a GMP certification, an award to companies ensuring products adhere to strict quality standards.

Many newer brands are selling CBD products taking the majority from other companies and, only through white labeling, rebranding them as their own. This method is viable if the source’s quality is reliable. But many of these sellers will never guarantee how they have manufactured their products.

GMP laboratories meet the strictest regulations required for a product’s pharmaceutical grade. So if the CBD-producing company doesn’t have a GMP certification, you might unknowingly buy the second-rate, low-quality or potentially harmful CBD products manufactured under poor conditions.

Third Party Lab Testing on Every Batch

The CBD industry is now on its way to being mainstream, but regulations are yet to rise because many CBD selling companies aren’t up to standard and don’t undertake the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and effective product. When choosing a CBD product, you should check if your brand has 3rd party lab testing system to check for pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

Some companies spend a lot of time, money, and resources on quality control, ensuring every batch of hemp oil is tested by third-party labs.

Why are Some Products So Cheap?

Sometimes low prices can mean CBD products with CBD isolate, an almost pure form of CBD that is less expensive to manufacture. Though CBD products made with CBD isolate can be a good option for you if you’re short of money, you can’t get any of the other beneficial cannabinoids and plant materials that you can have in broad and full-spectrum items.

The theory of the entourage effect suggests that the presence of other substances or plant materials may modify and enhance the effects of CBD to produce broader and more potent effects. The other way CBD may be low expensive is that it could be a scam. There are hundreds of unethical sellers attempting to pass off just hemp seed oil, or some other low-cost oils, as CBD so that they can bump up the price.

If you explore, you will find numerous products in the markets designed to mislead people into paying for something that looks genuine but scamming as it contains no CBD and is probably just hemp seed oil.

How to Decide Whether a Product is Genuine

To have the best chance to decide on a genuine CBD product, you should follow the checklist below:

  • You should look for well-known retailers with good reputations and many customer reviews on independent sites.
  • You should look for certain companies with a trusted industry body membership.
  • Try to see clear, informative details, including the right amount of CBD it contains in mg. For instance, “1000mg CBD”, but not “1000mg” on its own.
  • You must look for third-party lab certificates backing up the amount of CBD in it.
  • Watch out for any claims, specifically about medical benefits, because genuine retailers will never sell it based on health claims.
  • Certificates from official organic authorities are a good way to ensure you get quality CBD. Check the official logo and registration number to confirm it is genuine.

In Closing – Why CBD Oil Is Expensive

CBD oil is expensive for various reasons, such as novelty, the difficulty of growing and producing the product, and the fees the growers, producers, and distributors must pay.

The truth is that CBD oil is not so highly expensive as the biggest players in the CBD industry want you to think it is. You should know that CBD is versatile, and the industry is booming with time. Demand for CBD products is always high, and all kinds of companies take full advantage of the hype.

Currently, cheap production practices may leave you with low-quality products without containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids or with dangerous solvents or chemicals that could leave behind remnants in your product.

Choosing a product at a lower price tag might seem to be cost-effective, but the point of safety and quality is crucial to ensure that you are not ingesting anything harmful.

So before choosing CBD oil at a lower price, you should consider what cost you are paying and also check if your brand is transparent and clear about its manufacturing practices.

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