What to Study for a Cannabis Farming Career

Has cannabis cultivation just been legalized in your Country, State, Province and you are interested in starting a new cannabis cultivation career? There are many things that you will need to learn to be successful at this new career. Sure you will need to know how to grow cannabis, and not only good cannabis but great cannabis. 

There are many other things that will come in handy when you are working to start your new career in the cannabis business. In this article we will give the our best recommendations for what you will need to have in your skills bank to get your cannabis career off to the best start you can.

What a Cannabis Cultivation Career is About and Not About

Growing cannabis is working in the cannabis industry per say. It is not working in all parts of the cannabis industry. You can’t be an expert at cannabis law and be an expert at cannabis cultivation. Sure you can if you want to spend the rest of your life studying to be a cannabis lawyer and growing cannabis. 

If you are looking to get into the cannabis industry where you live first you will need to pick which aspect you would like to be an expert in. We are not experts in cannabis law here, or cannabis business or cannabis marketing so we will focus on the best things to study if you want to be an expert in a cannabis cultivation career. 

Remember if you don’t love growing cannabis, your best bet may be to get into another aspect of the cannabis industry rather than growing cannabis. 

What Kind of Cannabis Degrees are there?

There are many types of cannabis career you can get into some of them include:

  • General Cannabis Studies
  • Cannabis Law Degree
  • Cannabis Cultivation Certificate
  • Master of Cannabis Extraction 
  • Cannabis Business Degrees
  • Cannabis Cooking
  • Medical Cannabis Usage

This Doesn’t Mean you Can’t Know other Parts of the Cannabis Industry

Just because you would like to focus on a cannabis cultivation career doesn’t mean that you have to forget all those other things though. It is good to have other knowledge in other areas of the cannabis industry for success in this career choice. Sure, it’s great to be an expert in cannabis cultivation, but if you don’t know the laws about cultivation where you live it’s really going to cause some serious issues down the line in your career. 

Maybe at some point in your cultivation career you may want to start your own cannabis company, either a cannabis seeds company or growing to provide cannabis dispensaries in your country or state. Heck, you may even want to start a cannabis grower equipment company if that interests you at some point. So when starting your cultivation career why not learn some things about running a business in your local area. 

Do You Have Skills That You Can Transition to Cannabis Cultivation?

Have you never grown cannabis before, have no idea how to do it? Well if you are an expert tomato growers then you have skills that you can use for cannabis cultivation. You can use skills that you have learned to help you grow great cannabis plants. Back in the 90’s there were no courses that you can take to learn how to grow cannabis because of the legality of the plant. So people took a Horticulture course that they could learn to garden. Then they would use those skills in gardening and online research to transition those skills into growing great cannabis. 

This is especially a great way to learn if you are still living in an area that does allow for cannabis cultivation. Learn others gardening skills that will help you when cannabis is legalized in your area. This will help you get going all that much faster with your cannabis cultivation career.

Learning Cannabis Cultivation on the Job

A great way to learn how to grow cannabis for your career is working directly in the cannabis cultivation industry. I mean there is no really better way to learn what you will need to know when it comes to all things cannabis growing. 

The best part is you will be learning from other growers on your team that may have more experience than you do when it comes to growing great cannabis. Learn everything you can from them, when you learn by doing and training with someone that has the same passion as you do for growing cannabis.

Where Can you Take Cannabis Cultivation Training for your New Career

Well, because cannabis is still sadly illegal in many places it will be very hard to find formal training in the field of cannabis or take a great cannabis course. Even online it is not easy to find a great course on growing amazing cannabis. 

Sure you can learn from books, the best way to learn is from real world experience. Nothing will train you better than that for a career in the cannabis cultivation field. If you are unlucky enough to live somewhere like this, a possibility could be to travel to somewhere that does provide a cannabis training course. Such as if you live in an illegal US state attending a training course in a state that no longer has cannabis prohibition. Learn your craft there, then when cannabis inevitably becomes legal where you live you can get a head start with a job in the field. 

If you are in a state that has legal cannabis training you are in luck and can attend a course on growing cannabis and even obtain a certificate in growing cannabis. This is a great way to show cannabis industry growers that you are serious about your new cannabis cultivation career.

What are the Different Levels in a Cannabis Cultivation Career?

There are a few different levels that you can achieve when starting a growing career, most of these will depend on your level of training and experience. If you have no, or very little experience you will more likely start as a helper for the cannabis growing facility, doing many different jobs like, plant checking, live plant pruning, pots and transplanting, cleaning, cleanups, mixing nutrients and watering checking. 

If you have more experience you may be able to start your cannabis cultivation career as an assistant to the head or master grower. This will be giving instruction to the lower level cultivation helpers, updating the lead/head or master grower about any issues. You may also help out the growing helpers, with extra tasks listed above. Grower helpers are also referred to as Cultivation Technicians. 

They also help with room setups, take downs, equipment unloading and cloning cannabis. 

The highest level you can achieve in your cannabis cultivation career will be a head, lead or master grower. This person will most likely have lots of experience growing cannabis, may have a PHD in plant Biology, or Horticulture, and Agriculture. They will understand nutrient requirements, Integrated Pest Management. They will give instruction to the assistant grower, and also help out where needed in a supervisory role.

How to Get your Foot in the Door at a Growing Center With No Experience?

You know what they say, “getting your foot in the door” is the hardest part of getting into any career and the same goes for a cannabis career.  If you are interested in a grower career, many growers start by working as trimmers for the industry. Many cannabis growing businesses are always in need of trimmers to trim their buds. This is a great way to get into the industry and get to network with other growers and people in the industry. 

Once you get in the door, let them know your interest in becoming a growers and helping out in those aspects. This can and will help you move up in roles over time.

Cannabis Career Fairs

Another great way to get into the industry is to attend cannabis career fairs. You can bring a card with you and hand them out to people in the industry. Have the card with bullet points with your skills you can bring to the industry. If the cannabis company is attending a career fair then you have little doubt they are looking for employees that would like to work in a cannabis cultivation career.


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